How to make a Cigar humidor – Make Cigar Humidor [Step by Step Guide]

make humidor

When we were talking about the best cigar humidors, we promised to tell you how to make a humidor. This guide on how to make a humidor is for all those who are with a budget restriction.

So, for all the people out there who have bought the best cigar and are more comfortable with DIY rather than buying cigar humidor, here is the solution to you.

Still, if you prefer to buy the best humidor, you can check this article and buy your preferred one. Even we recommend buying a professional humidor if your budget allows. In our previous article, we have discussed, why humidor is so much required along with the best cigar, lighter, and best cigar cutter. It helps you maintain the required weather condition for the cigar.

How to Make a CigarHumidor- Making Your Own Humidor

let me tell you first, making your own humidor is not a big deal and you can easily create one of your choices. These are easy and affordable solution to maintain the temperature required for your cigar.

Using your own humidor box, you can save a lot of money which you can further use to buy some best cigar.

This is a common misconception among the people that they need to buy expensive humidor at work. You can make humidor your own in a budget. It should just fulfill your requirement to manage the weather condition. Here is the recommended range of humidity and temperature for the cigar.

  • Humidity: 68-74%
  • Maximum temperature: 20°C- 23°C

So, if you are in budget and looking to know how to make humidor own your own, just keep on reading.

Items needed to create Humidor

Here are some of the items you need to create your own humidor. You can buy these from any website and assemble to create a great cigar humidor for you.


The first thing you need for a humidor is a container. You need to purchase a container which is a functional step. The container basically helps you hold the cigar and ensure the proper working of the humidor.

Usually, large plastic bins and coolers make a great way for the humidor. Also, you should ensure that the container is clean and doesn’t have any odor. You can also fit the cigar box in the container in such a way that it should have enough space.


Once you have bought the container, you got the storage!

Now the next thing you need is to maintain the temperature and this can be achieved using a humidifier. The humidifier controls the humidity in the container. The humidifier comes in different shapes but you should think of the one which can be the best fit in all the containers.


So far, we have made a way for the box and the humidifier which will humidify the container to keep the cigar in the best condition.

But we don’t have anything in place which can tell you what is the humidity level. So, we need a device that can measure the level of humidity. You can use either digital or analog hygrometer to see the humidity level in the container. I would recommend you to use the digital hygrometer as it gives a slightly better reading.

You can buy a highly recommended hygrometer from Amazon- Buy on Amazon

Once you have bought the hygrometer, you need to calibrate properly which can tell you the good measure.

How to Assemble these parts to Make Humidor?

After you have bought all the above items for a humidor, it’s time to assemble these parts to create a humidor.

How to Make a Humidor
Assemble Humidor Parts to create Humidor

Just follow the below steps and assemble your own humidor-

  • Wash the container you have bought in a good way to remove everything else your cigar will start giving plastic-like smell.
  • Cut your cedar plank to size, then lay it into the bottom of the container. If you’re using some other form of cedar, still put it in first.
  • Now insert the tray of your container
  • In the next step, please keep your digital hygrometer in your box with the digital readout facing up, or toward any part of the container you can see through.
  • Add your cigars
  • Adjust humidity as needed and add your humidity controller. You can keep Humidity between 68-74% and temperature between 20°C- 23°C
  •  Seal up your box and stash it in a dark, cool place.

Conclusion on how to make a humidor?

As we all know if you smoke cigar then you must need a humidor. Now it’s up to you if you want to buy the best cigar humidor or want to create one for you. In this article, we have tried to explain how to make a humidor and what all it needs to create a perfect humidor.

Although there is an alternative to both of these where without a humidor also you can store the cigar. We will share those tips & tricks also in some other post. But using a humidor is highly recommended.



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