Best Cigar Lighters in 2020

Best Cigar Lighters

At find the best cigar, we have always tried to make your cigar smoking experience better. Earlier we have shared best cigars in the world, best cigar humidors, and best cigar cutters. Means, so far, we have talked about getting a cigar, storing it, and cutting it.

Here in this guide, we will talk about lighting the cigar using the best cigar lighters. As we told earlier, Find Best Cigar is a group of cigar lovers who try these cigar add-ons and list on this blog.

We have done the same for this post as well. We have tried the different lighters for cigar and listed here. You can check these and buy the one which suits your requirements.

Why do you need Cigar lighter?

This can be an obvious question to many of you out there. When you already have matches then why you need additional cigar lighter. The answer is the experience!

By lighting the cigar with the best cigar lighter, you can feel the original taste of the cigar. Don’t try to lit the cigar either using matches or candles. It will simply spoil your experience. If you just want to get a solid, professional lighter, I can recommend a butane torch lighter right now.

Although there are many other lighters for cigars are available and people buy the one as per their choice. The best thing with the butane torch lighter is, you can carry anywhere you want and also can be used as a gift.

How to select the best cigar lighter?

Now as we know why you need a lighter for a cigar, let’s talk about how to select the best lighter for a cigar. There are many parameters which you should look for while selecting the best lighter for cigar lightening. Even we have considered these before listing these best cigar lighters.

Torch Lighter:

Are you looking for a cigar lighter which doesn’t affect the taste and aroma of your cigar?

Then you have come to the right choice!

Yes, in this case, all you need is a cigar torch lighter. cigar torch lighter helps you preserve the taste and aroma of the cigar while lightening. And this is the major reason why it is so popular in the cigar aficionados worldwide. Even we at Find Best Cigar team uses cigar torch lighter for regular use.

Apart from all these, cigar torch lighter produces intense flame which increases the ease and efficiency of lighting the cigar.

Flame Types

Once you have decided you have to buy a cigar torch lighter, it’s time to think whether you want to go for flame cigar lighter or flameless cigar lighter.

If you are going ahead with flame cigar lighter, then again you have multiple options here-

  1. Single flame
  2. Double flame
  3. Triple flames and more

The kind of flame it has heavily decided how easily you can light a big cigar. Usually, people use and even we recommend a double flame cigar lighter. This is adequate for all size of a cigar.

For a cigar having a very big gauge size, you can even try triple-flame cigar lighter. One more benefit of the double flame is it is more wind resistant. One pretty popular lighter is plasma cigar lighter.

Flame Power

The next parameter to consider while selecting the best cigar lighter is the flame power. There are two kinds of cigar flames- strong flame and weak flame.

We recommend a strong flame lighter as it ensures that cigar will be lighted evenly. A weak flame lighter can’t guarantee an even burning which will create an issue later. So, always go for the strong flame over weak flame lighter.

Cigar lighter fluid

Please note that higher fluid quantity in the lighting the cigar is not acceptable. Even though, you can buy standard Bic or Zippo but try avoiding it. In case of emergency, you can go ahead and use the cigar lighter fluid but you will get a slight gasoline taste in your cigar.

Lighter Functionality

The last but most important factor while selecting the best lighter for a cigar is the lighter functionality. No matter how the design of the lighter is, if it is not providing the functionalities for which it is intended, then it’s of no use.

At Find Best Cigar, we consider all the above-explained functionality as the lighter functionality. And all the below top cigar lighter possesses all these features. If you’re in a hurry then you can look for any of the below lighters.

Best Cigar Lighter under $15
Scorch Torch Triple Jet
Triple jets with very strong flame
Automatic cap that slides open
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Best Cigar Lighter under $50
Xikar Lighter Element ELX
Double jet flame & 9mm cigar punch
Fuel adjustment
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Top best cigar lighter

Now let’s look for some of the best cigar lighters which you can buy. This can be for personal use or maybe for a lighter gift as well.

#1 Xikar 9657SL Silver Trezo Lighter

Xikar 9657SL Silver Trezo Lighter

Xikar is a leading company of cigar products. Even we mentioned a couple of best cigar cutters that were from Xikar.

This silver color stylish lighter is one of the best cheap cigar lighters which you can buy. It gives you great functionality and looks in the budget range ($70). Here are some of the features of Xikar silver trezo lighter-

  • Triple jet flame with two outer jet flames
  • Large fuel window, oversize tank, and fuel adjustment wheel
  • Fuel gauge and Single thumb action
  • lifetime warranty

#2 XiKAR Allume Double Flame Cigar Lighter

XiKAR Allume Double Flame Cigar Lighter

The second in our list of cool cigar lighter is again from Xikar. Yes, indeed they are one of the top manufacturers of cigar products.

This lighter flame lighter comes with a lifetime warranty and in a stylish gift box and so is being used in gifting as well. It is available in many colors including black, blue, white, etc.
Here are some of the top features of Xikar Allume double flame lighter-

  • Double Jet Flame Lighter
  • Butane Viewable Window on Back
  • Single Action Ignition (Squeeze Side Bar) and Oversized Flame Adjustment Wheel
  • Approximate Dimensions: 2.7″H x 1.6″L

#3 Xikar Forte Jet Flame Lighter

Xikar Forte Jet Flame Lighter

This is another product by Xikar where they are providing single jet flame lighter. And so, be careful while buying a single jet flame as high ring size cigar will encounter an issue while lighting.

As this is a single jet flame lighter and so the pricing is less compared to a double and triple jet flame. As like other lighters, you can refill it. Just make sure while refilling, you’re using good quality fuel. Here are the features of this lighter-

  • Single Jet Flame – Simple Thumb Action Ignition
  • Protective Lid
  • Decorative High-Touch Insert – Red Hue Fuel Gauge
  • Large Fuel Adjustment Wheel
  • 7mm Fold-Out Cigar Punch

#4 Black Label Dictator Cigar Lighter

Black Label Dictator Cigar Lighter

Black Label Dictator Cigar Lighter is another single jet flame cigar lighter which makes it ideal for toasting your cigar. This is one of the best sturdy lighters in the market. The best thing is, despite being sturdy lighter, it is stylish. The flame is wind resistant and a fuel level indicator. The lighter comes with a 2-year warranty but flame is a major concern here. If you are using a bigger cigar then you may consider other lighters listed here.

#5 Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

Available in different colors and designs, Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Cigar Lighter is another top cigar cutter and lighter. It has got a triple wind-resistant flame.

Another great thing about this lighter is, it is both cigar torch lighter and flame cigar lighter. Means It’s a soft flame but boosted by a torch to keep lit with movement/wind. Here are some of the features of Tonino Lamborghini lighter-

  • Black and Chrome Finish Honeycomb Etching on Jet Surface Cigar Lighter
  • Triple Jet Wind-Resistant Flame
  • 2.75 Inches (Height) x 1.5 Inches (Width) .45 Inches (Depth)

#6 ST Dupont MiniJet Black White Skull Lighter

ST Dupont MiniJet Black White Skull Lighter

When it comes to lighting products, Dupont is another reputable company with some great products. It is small and powerful with a compact design. You can have all the functionalities you are expecting in a lighter.

The design is simple and small in size measuring just 2.2 inches and so can be easily carried.

#7 Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighters

Xikar Enigma II Cigar Lighters

This is another Xikar product in our list which has a clean design, re-engineered for improved dependability and performance. It has got a double jet flame with a manual flip-top cap and a center trigger which is for safety while lighting.

The design is simple and attractive and you can find a good affordable lighter with all the features. So, if you value for money, then this is for you.

#8 Visol Handle Triple Cigar Lighter

Visol Handle Triple Cigar Lighter

Visol Handle Triple Cigar Lighter is another great lighter with triple jet flame and so very useful with high ring gauge cigar. It has wind-resistant single-action ignition which makes the lighting a smooth experience.

With the unique handle shaped design this lighter is very useful. Hold it several different ways to simplify your torching needs. You will get a one-year warranty from Visol which assures the quality.

Conclusion- Which is the best Cigar Lighter?

These were some of the best cigar lighters out in the market. We have tried to list all set of lighters like cigar torch lighter, plasma cigar lighter, zippo cigar lighter, best cigar torch lighter, and more. Based on your need, you can select the one of your choice. Personally, I prefer a torch with dual flame lighter and you’ll enjoy it.

Let us know which lighter you are using?



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